About Us

Behind the scenes, in our cozy workshop, where every individual weaves a story and contributes to living a dream. The fun, passion, sweat, pain, and countless hours of persistence are what define us as Jazba Luxury.

Let's Go!



Back in the days, our grandmothers would knit beautiful warm scarves for us, it was a tradition for maiden women to do endearing hand-embroidered detailing on the handkerchiefs of their future partners as a token of their love, and who can forget the grandfathers who would get fresh guavas for us from the trees planted in their backyards. These little things, done “exclusively” for us, would make us want to come back home because it was a safe space tinged with nostalgia and a sense of familiarity. This has gotten lost in the impersonal industrial world, where everything is manufactured ’at scale’, using machines. Each product has a hundred exact replicas.

Our attempt to be a source of light...

In these modern times, amid the fast pace and the hustle-bustle, even though we are surrounded by tons of people, it is hard to find someone or something to connect with. While technology has made everything available at the click of a mouse, it has also left people more depressed, stressed, and anxious than ever. Jazba, through its handcrafted and unique products, wishes to be a source of light that offers happiness, a story that you can feel proud to be connected with and draw inspiration from.


"We are a young e-commerce venture that believes that every individual is looking for a story to connect with - one that reflects their values, memories, and dreams, and ours is one that will resonate with many."


A getaway from the hustle & bustle...

Efficiency and convenience are a necessity to survive in the new world. However, every once in a while, we find ourselves craving a vacation to the mountains or an escape to the sea to get back that peace of mind, to improve our productivity, to rejuvenate, to enhance our creativity, and to feel happy and alive again. Jazba wishes to give you that little getaway every day. In the form of the comfort of our bed linen for when you come home to your bed from that stressful day at work. Or that brief moment of solace when you sip tea before you enter into the hustle and bustle of the day. Or the peace you feel when you wear our comfortable kurta, whose story you would be proud to share with your friends.

Modern or Traditional? Both

The Indian handicrafts have a rich history; some date back to the Mughal Era, some to the Indus valley civilization. In fact, these crafts have a legitimate museum of their own. The mere thought of the legacy and tradition these crafts represent is exciting; however, the ground reality is quite harsh. Generations of passionate artisans who took pride in their art are now on the verge of extinction. Even though the fast pace, industrialization, and westernization have brought immense development, they have crushed some of the most beautiful hands that once brought fame and pride to vast empires. Through Jazba, we are trying to give a design intervention to these products such that the tradition in its technical and emotional form sustains, and yet a modern piece of art is sold to our patrons.

"We wish to showcase the story of Pain and Passion
that goes into handcrafting a product.
What you are buying is not just a product with great utility, but love, emotions, passion, and a lot of sweat. And we cannot thank you enough for participating in this movement of merely admiring the end result."

So Who We Are?

Aakrati, Chartered Accountant, ex- Price Waterhouse Coopers & JP Morgan Employee.
Kanha, Chartered Accountant, Partner in the family-run Packaging business, and an ex-PwC employee.

And how did we get here after all?

We always believed we wanted to work for -
Something that excites us.
Something that challenges us often (not always :P)
Something that impacts multiple lives.
Something that is our ‘from scratch.’
Something that sets us on a rollercoaster (and not a 9 to 5 train)
Something that does not let us sleep but gives us a good night’s sleep after that fulfilling day at work.
Something that teaches us new things every day.
Something that brings joy.

Sounds surreal?


But then, on our lookout for that dream job, New Zealand happened. On our last day in New Zealand, we accidentally stopped by a town that turned out to be all things beautiful, all things artistic. That is where 'the seed' was planted.
Let me put it this way – Facts tell us that,
New Zealand is one of the last major landmasses settled by humans.
While 55,000 years ago, the first modern humans, or Homo sapiens, had arrived on the Indian subcontinent.

So, we are a treasure chest of history, art, and culture. Yet we fail to preserve it, we fail to value it, we fail to recognize it. With that thought, 'Jazba' was born, to revive it, one step at a time.