Passion , Skill & love

Behind the scenes, in our cozy workshop, where every individual weaves a story and contributes to living a dream. The fun, passion, sweat, pain, and countless hours of persistence are what define us as Jazba Luxury.

The intricacies of Indian hand block printing. In the shot, you see a metal block hand carved in our Lantana design and a 'tari' (English - tray) from which the block picks up colour, just in the right quantity.

Our first ever sampling. The beautiful yet irregular botanicals from our classic Wabi-Sabi Collection. This image captures the hands at work of our tireless women artisans.

Right before the master photographer said, "Pack Up!" Our beautiful team when we shot our collection, Lil Happy Things.

Printing our bestseller design, Clouds, this time as a woman kurta. The speciality of the design is such that the printing is done inversely, the clouds are left blank, while the background is printed blue.

A corner from our stitching workshop where different colours of high-quality threads are stored, creating an exciting pattern.

A glimpse of our sampling workshop at the Jazba Experience Center. 

Pixel by Jazba Luxury. This is one such design that at first look seems the easiest, but due to the similarly shaped squares of the pixels, the master artisan has to take extra caution while printing it.

From the Li'l Flea market, Mumbai, India. Aakrati (founder) hydrating herself right before the market began.