Paddy Fields

Indulge in the joy of travelling without leaving home.

Here’s presenting our brand new collection – Paddy Fields. Represented by the celebratory emotions of prosperity, happiness, bountifulness, as we are ready to get all festive, we bring to you a collection filled with vibrant colours, culture, memories, epic scenic beauty through never seen before designs, a range of carefully sourced premium fabrics and super comfortable silhouettes.

  • Paddy isn’t just rice farming; it leaves a trail of life learnings and inspirations.
  • Calmness through the cool breeze
  • Infinite possibilities brought by the lush green fields
  • The unstoppable & consistent windmill
  • The scenic road that takes us down the memory lane
  • Directing us towards the road less travelled

Rice stands at the heart of India’s culture. It is that common thread that runs through the diverse states of the country. Be it Onam & Pongal in the south, Bihu in Assam, Nabanna in West Bengal, Makar Sankranti in the Central and West or Lohri in the north, it is celebrated across the country.

The grain of life- something sacred and spiritual that brings hope that there’ll always be sufficient food and bountiful harvest in the years to come.

Paddy fields is a way to express our gratitude and is an ode to the passionate farmers of the country.

Enjoy this scenic collection and get taken to those beautiful memories of road trips through these neon green fields as far as the eye can see.

Paddy Fields Red Rice