Why Jazba ?

Passionately Handcrafted

Jazba and YOU have one thing in common – Passion. Passion for their work, passion for their art, passion for the years old tradition.

Every person, with all their love and hard work, is giving their 101% to get you the timeless handcrafted product you deserve.

Thoughtfully Designed!

Our guiding principles are Exclusivity, Utility and Aesthete. We design all our products in-house. Each and every one of them is unique and crafted with a sense of functionality.

Social Sustainability!

At Jazba, it is important for us to create equitable opportunities for our vendors, artisans and artists, that helps them create their own space and well-being.
We want everyone associated with us to be working in an environment which makes them feel comfortable and happy in their own skin.

We want to grow..together! We want to constantly improve.. together! We want to be empowered.. together!

We want to create a rising learning curve towards improved quality and modern design language. We are helping our artisans be more organised and more comfortable with the use of technology.

Absolutely Local!

We support the artisan communities to not just earn their living but also help them get recognition for their art, pain and passion.
All our products are handcrafted by local artists and artisans #vocalforlocal

Consciously Sourced

We, at Jazba, believe it is our duty to choose the best, whether material or origin.
Our luxurious line of products uses renewable and recyclable resources... Because our world deserves the best.