Incomplete. Imperfect. Raw. Ambiguous. Lines. Carefree. Colour blocking. Overlapping.

Simply put, wabi-sabi is a way of life that appreciates imperfection, incompleteness, and impermanence over forced flawlessness. It values authenticity over the glazed newness of things and life in general.
Wheel of life – all revolves and comes back to where it began. 
Therefore, our first collection is inspired by where it all began, our childhood. The motifs are ideated from how a child would draw – random colour blocking, carefree doodles, imperfect lines and would leave it incomplete. The innocence or the child in them never defined perfection as flawlessness. 
We picked two of the most found flowers in Indian backyards or society gardens where we spent most of our childhood – Lantanas and Tagar. These flowers represent the beauty in impermanence and take us down memory lane.
Wabi-sabi is much deep-rooted in India before it even became a thing. We have tried to align our photography with our collection’s inspiration to bring out beautiful yet raw elements in Indian architecture. The beauty lies in that systematic imperfection. And we have tried to enhance it through our founding collection.
Fun fact : Even before we knew what wabi-sabi was, we created our collection, calling it Irregular Botanicals, and just a few days before the launch, we came across this one term that defines everything we wanted to communicate.